My last post I explored the idea of challenging yourself.  Trying simple new things and injecting some creativity into your normal routine.  Maybe you have a habit you’d like to create or one you’d like to get rid of.  We often think we don’t have the time for something new in our lives, but if we take a close look we might see where we could replace an old tired and possibly energy draining habit with a new, energizing, fun and maybe even productive one.

Below I have gathered 10 ideas that you can try out in order to add some creativity into your daily routine.  Some you may only want to try once a week, others you may want to work into your daily activities.  Whatever you decide, one new idea even for 10 mins once a week, can create a chain reaction of good stuff in other areas of your life.  So what do you have to lose, 10 mins maybe, but then you might gain more than you thought possible.


Map out and take a new route to work, or if you work at home, go out and walk around your block, or even your house,  before you set about your daily chores.  Do this everyday for the next week.  You may see new sites, or see a different part of town.  If you are walking you may meet new people, or stop at a new coffee shop.  It might take you through a nice peaceful country setting and you may find you arrive at work, or back at your home office,  feeling more upbeat and relaxed.


Cook a new recipe.  Even if you don’t cook at all, try a simple three ingredient one.  Pick a favorite meal you enjoy at your favorite restaurant, or something a friend cooked for you at your last gathering.  Try that recipe you pinned on pinterest 6 months ago and have never tried yet.  Plan ahead and pick a day you have the time to have fun with it.  You may surprise yourself at how versatile you are in the kitchen.


Enroll in a local night course, or take an online class.  There are many options now online.  Skillshare offers many free courses you can take, or you can sign up for a monthly membership and enjoy their extensive library of classes on your own time and at your own pace.  Check out some of my drawing classes here JSPCREATE online drawing classes


Pick up a new hobby and fix or decorate something in your home.   Their are loads of Do It Yourself ideas online that might spark an idea.  Amaze yourself with a new coat of paint on that old dresser, or fix that leaky faucet.   Decorate your kitchen cabinets, or add a new shelf in the front hall.  And when your friends arrive and ask where did you get that beautiful __  You can say, “well I made it myself”


Go to you local library or book store, stand infront of your favorite section, close your eyes and randomly pick out a book, or ask the clerk to pick one out for you.  Then make it your mission to go home and read a little everyday.  You can learn a whole new perspective on a subject, or be entertained by a new story you wouldn’t have thought to pick out yourself.


Pick up a colouring book or print out some free printables online here.  Get a box of coloured pencils, crayons or markers and then colour for 15 minutes every evening before bed.  Colouring is big right now, but for good reason.  It is a great way to relax, and it gives you permission to be a kid again.


Play a podcast or audio book while you are driving.   If you have a long commute, try turning off the news and radio and listen instead to an audio book, whether fiction or non fiction, or listen to a podcast.  There are many available online that you can download to your device and listen to on the road as you drive from point A to point B.  You can download them ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about using up your data.


Keep a sketchbook by your bed and sketch your feelings, frustrations, joys and wishes.  Do this upon waking and right before bed.  I’m not saying create great art, I’m saying scribble it out, only you will see it.  It is a great release of energy to put it on the page and then you can forget it and either get on with your day, or have a nice sound sleep.


Replace one junk food you have been trying to eliminate from your diet, with a healthy alternative.  always have the healthy one on hand, don’t give yourself the option.  Energize yourself with good food, that keeps your mind sharp.  Just pick one, then you won’t feel deprived, but you may appreciate having a healthy alternative.  Before you know it, it may be your new go to snack.


Move your favorite chair over to the window and keep your favorite activity beside it, drawing, colouring, reading.  This is where you go for your time out.  If possible, face it away from the TV.  If others like TV in the house, then get some head phones and face the other way, or move your chair into your bedroom.  Give yourself a little space to try enjoying other quiet activities, even for an hour before bed, or before you start your day.

These are all fairly small changes that you can try with no major commitment.  We panic when we hear commitment in case we have to give up our favorite bad habit.  These are just simple ways to switch up your day and challenge yourself to get a little creative with your routine.  Pick one and try it for a week or two, you can drop it if you decide it isn’t working, but I bet it will have you thinking and making changes elsewhere in your life.  The goal is to not stress yourself, so don’t pick something that is too hard to incorporate in your life.  Don’t decide to cook a new recipe at the last minute when you have a busy evening ahead.  Don’t download a podcast as you are driving out the driveway.  A little preparation will go along way in your enjoyment of your new activity, plan for success.

The point is to give you an opportunity to change your perspective and maybe ditch an old habit that didn’t really serve you anyways.  Start to exercise that creativity muscle and you will start to see it show up in every area of your life.

Fun and Excitement awaits, challenge yourself!

Please feel free to comment how you have made a new creative habit, I would love to hear from you.