We all too often find ourselves saying “if only I had time to be creative” or “I keep meaning to sit down and draw, but it just never seems to happen”.  Like anything else in your life, you have to make the space for it and then commit.  In todays post we will explore 6 ways that we can get started on getting a little more creativity into our lives.

1. Organize Your Day

The first way to make space to create is to organize your day.  Do this when you are at your best or and when your brain is sharp.  For me this is night time, so I organize my next day the night before.  This lets me sleep better.  I find morning is a great time for routine, reading, etc.  but not planning, but that is just how I operate.  My ideas flow fast and abundant at night and in the morning, nothing, just empty nothingness.  So I have learned to write it all down at night and make my plan for the next day.  Then I can wake up to a routine that kicks me into gear with a to-do list, as well as reminding me of what the great ideas were that came to me the night before.

2. Journal

Keep a separate notebook for a journal that just lets you empty your brain.  When I first wake, my mind is pretty quiet. However it will quickly fill with random thoughts that are not necessarily useful.  I will use this notebook to just let all of that out.  No sensor here, just “blah” all over the page.  Julia Cameron explains her technique of “morning pages” in her book “The Artist’s Way”.  I have come back to this time and time again as a great way to release all that mind clutter.   

3. Keep A Clean Work Space

I try to keep my space fairly organized and only have the tools I really need handy.  This stops me from being tempted to start into something I don’t need to be doing.  I am easily distracted with new ideas and I have to find ways to keep myself on task. No distractions. I try to keep just my computer, sometimes my ipad and pen and paper close at hand.  Or if I am drawing, it is just my drawing tools in front of me.  Over time, my cat has taught me anything not being used will get chewed, knocked on the floor, ripped, etc.  He is great little task manager for keeping my desk clear.

6 ways to make space to create simplify

4. Tough Stuff First

Tackle the tough stuff first.  As Brian Tracy explains in his book “Eat That Frog”, do the hardest task first and get it over with.  This leaves you feeling like you have accomplished something big and clears your mind space for new ideas.  Now when you want to take a break and create, you will feel like you can, as you have already cleared out your biggest task.  I can use up alot of my creativity, just finding ways to avoid doing the big task, and this only wastes my time and my energy.

5. Schedule Time For Creating

Make your creative play time an appointment on your calendar and stick to it.  So if you promise yourself you will stop working at 4PM so that you can have time to draw, quilt or whatever your pleasure, then treat it as if you will be letting someone down if you don’t show up.  In fact you will be letting someone down, YOU.  It is too easy allow family, friends or mostly yourself to just write it off as frivolous and not necessary.  CHOOSE YOU!  Build “you” time into your schedule.

6 ways to make space to create make time

6. Create Your Own Space

Find a separate “space” for your creative play.  Make it somewhere different from where you work.  This can be hard to do when you work at home as we tend to have one space where we do everything.   Either that, or we tend to do our work all over the house, but that’s a topic for another blog.  For now, keep your work and creative space separate, or you will get confused as to what you sat down to do.  When I draw, I like to head out to the sun porch, or over to the couch, or even set up a table which is not my desk. Ideally, try to go into a different room, shut the door, turn on music to drown out the family commotion.  Spread out your supplies and go enter that world of creative inspiration.

Good Luck, Create that Space in Your Life and Get Creating

Jane xo

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