Creative Books By Jane Snedden Peever

Mindful Mandalas
Hand Drawn Designs For Calm and Tranquil Colouring

Release Date August 30th, 2016


The process of hand drawing these designs was a meditation and journey in mindfulness.  My wish is that you too may experience this place of calm mindfulness while enjoying the creative act of colouring these designs

Giant Mandalas
For Calm and Mindful Colouring

Release Date April 15th, 2015


A selection of 21 of my hand drawn designs for your colouring fun

When I started drawing mandalas I did it for relaxation and the joy of watching the symmetry unfold.  I was also learning about meditation and mindfulness as I navigated through the many twists and turns life had to offer me along the way.  One of the most powerful ways to handle what life throws at us is to just sit and be with it.  My hope is these mandalas offer you the opportunity to cultivate that state of calm and mindful awareness.  We can then go through life with a strong, calm presence and enjoy all opportunities that come our way.

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