It’s that time again….. when so many are returning to class, kids and adults alike.  Life starts to get a little more structure to it again, well, different structure at least.  The days get shorter and the temperature gets cooler and we all start to spend more time indoors.   This is the time we start to take up a new hobby, or learn a new skill, or at least would like to if we can find the space in our already busy schedule.  But do we realize how important it is that we do find the time.  We fall into habits that too easily become the norm day in and day out and we stop challenging our brains and our bodies.  To stay healthy and balanced we need to pay attention to all aspects of our lives and keep growing every day.

When we stop learning new things we stop using our creativity, we don’t need it if we know our schedules and activities by heart and can do them in our sleep.  Routine is useful to get the job done and it helps free up time to do new things.  But are you using the time for new things or are you just doing the same old things in your “free time”.  How unfortunate that we stop using our creativity as it is one of the most important ways to add spark and joy to our lives, keeps our brains sharp and our problem solving skills on mark, and most importantly, it keeps us young.  As we grow older we become less likely to explore new ideas and less willing to be adventurous, preferring to leave that to the “young”.  We settle into our habits and surround ourselves with the “been there done that, I don’t have time anyways” attitude.

If we give up on new, fun, and exciting things, then new, fun and exciting things will give up on us.  And is life not about the journey of exploring, learning and living.  I am not refering to taking up mountain climbing or running a full marathon ( I’m not excluding them either), but balance comes from doing new and creative things in our lives that call to us.  Simply reading a new kind of book, or learning a new form of art, or taking a new route on our daily stroll.  It can be simple, but it will challenge us in even the smallest ways and get your brain to kick back in, not to mention your adventurous spirit.  New hobbies will stimulate new coordination, walking on a street with different twists and turns and new terrain will challenge your body differently than your normal route.  You will see new things, meet new people.   Simple changes and new ways of approaching the old routine is all it takes to stimulate areas of your body and brain.   As a result your life will change, in new and exciting ways, after all everything is connected of course.

Make a change in your life, try something new, learn a new skill, use those creative muscles.   If I am having trouble focusing on a task or solving a problem or simply feeling a mental block in my writing or drawing, I will simply go sit in a new chair or move to a different room.  This can make all the difference.  It won’t solve all my problems, but those can wait for another day, all I need to start with is just a new perspective.

So go and learn, try new things, read new books, walk new paths, flex your creative side and Challenge Yourself in big and small ways, Everyday!

Jane xo

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