Recently, I took the plunge and purchased the Ipad Pro 12.9″.  I have used a regular ipad for years now and played around with different drawing apps.  The Procreate App has been a favorite of mine from the beginning and it tends to be my go to drawing app.  When I saw that the ipad had upped the size option as well as adding a really great pencil to go with it, I had to get on board.ipad pro mandala

Merging Styles Digital and Hand Drawing on the Ipad Pro

One of the things I love the most about the ipad pro is the addition of the apple pencil and how responsive this pencil is.  I can get detail into my ipad drawings like never before.  I have always loved scanning my hand drawn work onto the ipad and working with it in different apps.  Procreate has usually been my go to app.  They are constantly improving on it, which keeps me hooked.ipad pro inverse mandala



Digital Tracing Paper

I regularly work with tracing paper to try out different ideas.  So of course digital drawing lends itself well with the use of layers especially on the Ipad Pro in the Procreate app.  I can bring in my base drawing and then work multiple layers on top of it using different ideas for shading and textures.

ipad pro scanned image

Portable Multitasker

Admitedly I am a major multitasker.  One of the reasons the ipad has always worked well for my creative style is because I have almost everything I need at my finger tips.  It offers Email, Photos, Social Media, Web browser, Ebooks, Youtube.  Everything I use for inspiration, communicating with my network and publishing my own work.  So to be able to turn it in to a more efficient drawing tablet than it has ever been, makes my day.  I can now have all my drawings in one place.  I no longer need a whole case of drawing paraphernalia and tech devices when I am just headed out for the day.  It makes it easy to play with new ideas and connect with my online presence.

ipad pro apple pencil lettering


Make New Friends But Keep The Old, One is Silver, The Other is Gold

Ok, so I love this new tool.  It helps to make me more productive and efficient.  My digital work can now travel with me easily.  Of course I will always be a hand drawn enthusiast.  I will always have pens on me somehow, someway, but this apple pencil does a great job too.  Both will serve me well.  Pen and Ink will always call to me, and the pleasure of inking will never fade.  However, it is so much fun to explore new ideas, faster, and on a different scale like never before.

ipad pro mandala drawing

Final Word

So I sat on the fence for awhile, thinking I already had an ipad so what more could it offer me.  But I am glad I took the plunge.  I cannot compare it to the other drawing tablets out there on the market, as I really haven’t used many of them with any consistency.  However, already being a fan of the ipad and having all my “stuff” organize and set up on it, this was a really nice enhancement to my already creative routine.

Have a super creative day


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