New Blog Posts Category on My Favorite Things

Today I am starting a new category and weekly blog post “My Favorite Things”.   I will be sharing the things I use in my life to inspire me and help me be more creative.  Always on the look out for new and cool ideas and techniques, I love to see what people are finding useful.  Peoples stories on how they get inspired and what they use in their creative lives to help them accomplish their goals, are so interesting to me.  So I am going to share a new “thing” every week and please chime in, in the comments, to let me know what your favorite things are too.  The goal is for all of us to walk away with new ideas and inspiration.

Dream Create Inspire Hand Lettering

My Favorite thing this week

Today my favorite drawing tool is my light pad.  This is a recent purchase for me and a very long overdue one.  I have had a light box on my list for years.  But it always got shoved down for something more pressing and since I had rigged up a make shift idea, I let it fall down the list.  I was using a large quilting square ruler and I just worked in a place where I could prop it up with light behind it.  It worked, but got a lot of giggles from friends.  So I did some research and discovered that I am behind on my technology. They now have LED light pads!!  Well, that is awesome. After looking around, reading reviews, asking questions I finally decided on the A4 Huion Rechargeable Light Pad.  I found it on Amazon and it was reasonably priced under $100.

Huion LED Rechargeable Light Pad favorite thing

Why I chose the Huion Rechargeable LED Light Pad

So far so good, it is sizing up to be a good choice for my favorite things.  It provides a nice large surface, as I usually work on 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper.   I wanted it to be a little larger so I had room to move around on the surface itself.  It does come in various sizes,  so you can pick what suits you the best.  The light intensity is adjustable and It is one of the few rechargeable options, but I went with it because I wanted it to be completely portable.  It also comes with a wall plug which converts to a usb plug if I want to charge it from my computer.  There are a lot of good names out there and there are many different styles.  This one is doing the trick for me and I am quite happy with my selection.

Huion Rechargeable LED light pad

How It Inspires me to be more Creative

For years I talked myself out of a light box, as I figured I can just redraw things.  It is good practice right?  My girlfriend said to me when she saw it, “Jane, you don’t need to trace anything, you can draw”.  However, the ability to perfect what I am working on and not have to redraw the entire piece is so much nicer.  I was doing it anyways, I just was going through alot of tracing paper and always looking for a well lit place to maneuver my quilt ruler drawing board.  It is proving very useful, in that I can redraw my finished designs back to line art.  I can rework old designs and I am using it in my new course as an option on drawing 3D using tracing paper and/or a light pad.

Watch for my announcement of this class on my blog or check out my course page.  So it is an investment in my creativity for sure, and alot of fun.

What Inspires You?

So tell me, what inspires you?  Have you used a light box or light pad, or always wanted to?  Share your ideas in the comment section.  Looking forward to hearing your great stories.  Watch for next weeks installment where I will share another fun and creative “thing” I like to use in my creative day.