Hand Lettering has become a popular art form again.  My favorite way to do it is with a pencil from scratch and work the letters up individually as I would an illustration.  This gives me full control to tweak the letters individually and to redraw to my liking.  Then I love to add design to the word to complete the drawing…

Initially I will right out the word I have chosen.  In this case I chose the word Shine.  I layed it out in a cursive hand.  I will draw in rough guide lines to keep the letters proportional and slanting similiar, however I love a bit of quirky to my lettering.  This is a rough first draft of my word that I will use to work up.

Once I like the way my letters are formed and feel the word is balanced, I will start to add volume to the letters.  There are so many ways you can add this in.  You can use inspiration from brush lettering, or caligraphy.  You can do block lettering or graffiti style.  In my case I used a rounded brush look as my inspiration.  I added lines around my original line work and used some flourish with some overlap in the letters.

I love playing with the pencil stage as I can do it for days.  I will keep coming back with a new perspective and add and subtract at will.  When I am happy with the pencil sketch of my final word, I will pull out the pen.  My white space is planned out ahead of time with the pencil sketch, so I know where to ink in and where to leave the white to give the look I desire.  If at some point I am unsure if I like the idea I have penciled in I can pull out the tracing paper.  This method I use to try out different techniques without having to continue to redraw the whole design.

Once I have inked in the word and am happy with the way it looks, I will start to add in illustration design around it to fill in the space and compliment the design.  First I do this as line art only.

Finally I will add in extra details and fill in the line work as I desire.

Add a little hand lettering to your drawing day, have fun with it, we learn by doing, pencil to paper.