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profileThe world of creativity and pattern work is something I have always loved exploring. It finds me in every nook and cranny of my life and has become a wonderful form of expression.  My love for patterns and design have been spurred on through my growing years with a strong passion for math and the early beginnings of computer graphic design.   Upon graduating with a Degree in Commerce I chose to follow the unconventional path and opened my own business, a wool and needlework shop. From there I pursued my creative dream of design and pattern work.

After 5 years and two beautiful babies, I chose to focus on the online business I had established and moved out of the store front and into my home. I pursued opportunities in the publishing field and authored two books on pattern design with a company out of the US, as well as contributing to other publications, including books and magazines. This provided me the ability to stay home with my two children and follow my passion of creating designs.

Over the years I have continued to explore different areas of pattern design and textile art.  and most recently I have focused on my passion in the field of illustration, graphic design and surface pattern design. I love to create quilts which has fostered my love of fabric design and mandalas, which came from a desire to create circular quilts. 

I have had my designs produced by a doodle art company based in the US, drawing poster size art which they turn into beautiful colouring posters and black velvet posters.  You can see some of my designs I’ve done for them on my Shop page.  I get many requests for my designs as colouring pages and recently have had a book of my mandala designs published by Ilex Press in the UK.  This has inspired me to make more of my designs available for colouring which I offer through my  etsy shop.

I love to draw with pen and ink. It is my passion to sit and allow the design to evolve on the paper, layer after layer of detail. The process of using geometric symmetry as a jumping off point and then releasing to the organic flow of the design is a very energizing feeling.  The drawing takes on an essence of its own as the flow of the ink on the paper reveals the depth of the design..

Textile Design

I started out creating knit and crochet patterns and then I transitioned into quilting.  I have always had a love for the texture and 3 dimensional design involved in textile design, fabrics design and surface pattern design.  I enjoy creating patterns that will look good in home decor as well as fabric collections that would work beautifully in quilt designs.  I am always trying out new ideas with my patterns and made a collection of quilted mandalas that I have made into pillows.  My designs were the inspiration and then I used hand embroidered details to complete the design.  This has spurred on my passion for fabric design.

Photo 2016-02-09, 2 19 55 PMA bit more about me

I was a true night hawk when I met my husband. Absolute best time to design was middle of the night. Now I am half early bird, as he has taught me to love a sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee. Have to say it makes it difficult to try to do both, very little sleep happens!

Two great kids who have inspired me in endless ways. There is nothing better than seeing the world through the eyes of a child and to be present with that experience. They are my world

One puppy – planned… and one kitten – unplanned. They are the epitome of cuddly, furry, unconditional love.  I can’t imagine what I did before they arrived (possibly I traveled more, and didn’t have to share my chair, food, pillow, etc.)

My goal in life is to create everyday and inspire others to access their creative selves in whatever way makes them feel alive and connected to this beautiful world and their beautiful selves.


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