I have been spending alot of time on my Ipad Pro these days.  I love how portable it is and how it provides me with an amazing amount of digital tools to experiment with.  The larger size of the Ipad Pro and the amazing accuracy of the Apple Pencil, has made it my “go to” tool for design.  This led me to my next challenge of finding a way I could add my logo, signatures and watermarks to my finished work.  One that would give me the flexibility to alter colour, size and design.

Everything in One Place

Since my Ipad is now with me all the time, it makes sense to find ways I can do the little tasks there as well.  If I create the art on the Ipad and post it to my website, blog or social media from my Ipad, then I want to be able to complete the whole process on the Ipad.  I usually add my logo or signature to my work before I post it. The question was what was the best way for me to do this on Ipad?  In the past I have used a variety of different photo apps, usually more than one at a time.  I do most of my art now in Procreate, so I wondered, could I do it in this app?  The answer is YES!

Signatures And Watermarks On The Ipad

Creating Custom Brush for Logos, Signatures and Watermarks

Within Procreate I have created a brush for my logo and signature.  I can resize it any way I want to fit my art, and I can colour it to blend in or accent the work it will be put on.  It gives me so much flexibility doing it this way.  Below you can watch my whole process from start to finish for adding my logo and also creating a signature right in Procreate.

Premade or Hand Drawn Signatures and Watermarks

I can bring in a pre-made signature or logo created in another program and saved as a PNG and create a brush with it.  Then I just have to choose that brush and customize the colour and size.  I am also able to create a signature brush right in Procreate. This gives me flexibility to customize the style of my signature specifically for my piece.  Being able to make anything into a brush is just one of the many reasons I love using Procreate.

Signatures And Watermarks On The Ipad Signatures And Watermarks On The Ipad



I use multiple styles of signatures with different information on them for different purposes.  In Procreate, I can set each one up as its own brush.  This lets me choose the information I want to include depending on where I will be posting the piece.  You can also insert images of your art into Procreate and use the brush signatures on them there.  Then save it back to your camera roll and post away.

Signatures And Watermarks On The Ipad

So now it is your turn.  Go have some fun creating and adding signatures and watermarks to your beautiful creations using this method in Procreate.  Let me know how it works for you.



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