When there are alot of ideas flowing through your head, it is hard sometimes to settle on a place to start and as a result you may find yourself feeling stuck or paralyzed to move forward because there are too many options in front of you.  Sometimes it just requires you to simplify things to get back on track.  The trick is to take your plan and ideas back down to the basics and start from there.

Simplify It

I learn some great life lessons while I’m engaged in my creative process.  Usually, when I pull out a blank piece of paper to draw a new design, it is because I have been inspired.  Other times I have nothing, but I’m open to just see what shows up.  This time, I had all these great swirling ideas flowing through my head, but I was having trouble finding just the right phrase or quote to use them with.  I was driving myself crazy trying to think of a really fancy and fun design.  While I sat there with my mind spinning, this is the phrase that popped into my head.  “Keep It Simple”  I wrote it down and thought, seriously, what am I going to do with that,  I certainly can’t put all the detail I want into a phrase like that, it just won’t carry!  And this is where faith in that little voice comes in.  I let myself get lost in the creative process, starting with no expectations and a simple phrase.  I decided to simplify and start where I was at, no expectations.


Simplify - Keep It Simple Sketch

Before I knew it, It had turned into a rather involved illustration.  Maybe not as much as some, but far from simple.  However it happened, it started with something simple.  Instead of jumping in from the deep end, I went back to simple and started there.  Needless to say I had to add “Or Not” at the end of the piece, but that actually gave it some character and a sense of irony.  Perfect.  Better than what I had planned.

Simplify - Keep It Simple Final Ink


So when too many ideas are running around your head, whether in design, or life in general, slow down and return to the basics.  Simplify, go back to the beginning if need be and go from there, see where that takes you.  More than likely you will end up in an even better place than you first imagined.

Have a great, and creative day

Jane xo

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