Jane is an Illustrator and Digital Artist living in Ontario Canada.

As an author and teacher she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.  Her passion is to explore new techniques and use them to create unique pieces of art and then share her ideas with others to inspire them to create as well.

Digital Art and Design

with a focus on Mobile Digital Art on the iPad

With a background in business, Jane began her career with her own retail store with an online presence, specializing in textiles and patterns. She developed her knowledge pattern design and started marketing her own patterns through her shop and on the web. This has given her a working knowledge in all aspects of the industry including design, marketing and consumer trends. and she has developed a diverse and valuable set of skills in pattern design and digital art. She now operates her studio out of her home and her focus is on digital design, illustration, and with the iPad being her design tool of choice. Her focus is on exploring new techniques,  creating high quality, unique pieces of art and to share her experience through teaching and inspiring others.

Jane is a published author of numerous pattern books and colouring books of her own designs.  She has worked with multiple publishing companies and her books are available worldwide.  She has also contributed to many additional books, periodicals and brand produced patterns. Jane has collaborated with Stuff2Color in creating unique oversized poster sized art hand drawn to scale .

Jane’s signature style includes intricate, hand drawn geometrics and textures with an eye for natural organic flow and a passion for detail.

  • Course Creating Art on the iPad JSPCREATE

Jane offers an evergrowing selection of courses in Hand Drawing and Digital Techniques.  She uses a geometric style in her illustrations and likes to incorporate symmetry in her designs.  She specializes in creating on the iPad and offers a variety of courses from beginner to advance on using various iPad apps.  She shares simple techniques for getting started as well as her detailed and intricate methods to create uniquely textured and dimensional designs.

Jane would be pleased to discuss your project ideas and answer any questions you may have.

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