Getting creative is a wonderful way to reconnect with your intuition and recharge your energy field.  An easy way to take time for yourself and tune in to that inner knowing.  Whether it is drawing, knitting, crocheting or whatever activity calls to you, creating can be a wonderful form of mindfulness.  Being in the process and following the flow of your energy and spirit.

Hi, My name is Jane.  So glad to see you here.  I have loved getting creative with hobbies and art from a very young age.  I feel blessed to make a living teaching and inspiring others to get creative as well.  I tend to have many projects on the go at the same time, can you relate to that?!  But I do find that one inspires the other, so my energy seems to expand when I am working on a couple ideas and switching back and forth where ever flow leads me.  My teachers used to tell me to focus on ONE THING!  I have learned I work better when I allow myself to flow between many projects.  So this is how my site has come about, and I wanted to share all my passions, so that you too can feel free to enjoy your many passions.

My Textile Passion

I learned to crochet around the age of 10.  My mom taught me while on a family vacation.  I LOVED it!!  I made my first circular afghan, which I suppose was my first Mandala too!  I taught myself to knit shortly after with a book my mother bought me with a monkey on the front!!  haha, if the monkey could do it, so could I.  By the time I was a teenager I was designing my own sweaters as I couldn’t find the styles I wanted.  When I headed off to University I had my whole freshman floor knitting with me, apparently it was contagious.  That is when I learned I liked to teach too.  After graduating, I worked with a knitwear designer for a short time before opening my own needlework shop and really dug into pattern design.  I contributed to many publications and authored 3 books of my crochet designs.  I continued to working in pattern design while my kids grew up.  I also took up quilting and started working more with symmetrical designs.  This is how the drawing kicked back in….  

My Love For Drawing

Geometric design, architecture and symmetry have always held a fascination for me. Patterns call to me in everything I see, and drawing them has become my form of self expression. While trying to design circular afghans and quilts I stumbled on drawing mandalas.   

My process in drawing the mandalas is to take my time and allow the design to evolve slowly, layer after layer of detail. I use symmetrical geometric frameworks as a jumping off point.   Releasing to the organic nature of the design is a very energizing feeling.  The drawing takes on an essence of its own as the flow of the lines and shapes reveal the depth of the design..

After a few years of drawing and publishing my designs with poster companies and authoring a few colouring books, I have found my way back to pattern design.  And now I balance my time between all of these things.  They all seem to connect to each other, through texture, shapes, patterns… funny how it all works together.

A bit more about me

I was a true night hawk when I met my husband. Absolute best time to design was middle of the night. Now I am half early bird, as he has taught me to love a sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee. Have to say it makes it difficult to try to do both, very little sleep happens!

Two great kids who have inspired me in endless ways. There is nothing better than seeing the world through the eyes of a child/teenager/young adult and to be present with that experience. They are my world

One puppy – planned… and one kitten – unplanned. They are the epitome of cuddly, furry, unconditional love.  I can’t imagine what I did before they arrived (possibly I traveled more, and didn’t have to share my chair, food, pillow, etc.)

I love exploring new ideas and unique ways to create and then share what I have learned.  I seek to encourage and inspire you to explore and learn as well and to open up new perspectives for you to create and enjoy your life on your terms.


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