Creative Edgings: Learn the Twisted Single Crochet

Are you looking for a simple way to add a nice finishing touch to your granny squares.  Something that is creative, yet quick and easy.  Well then you will love this tutorial.  Today I will share a stitch called the Twisted Single Crochet.  I like to use it to join my squares so I can double them up for trivets, or I use it to just add a nice border on a coaster or a placemat.  So grab your granny squares and join me in learning this simple and beautiful stitch, the Twisted Single Crochet

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I have used a few of my squares to demonstrate this edging. 

You will find in this tutorial,

These are all free tutorials as well.  If you would like the full ad free pdf pattern for, with Symbol Charts, you can find them in my shop, HERE

twisted single crochet

I will be using Worsted Weight Yarn in this tutorial today.  I use one of the colours that is somewhere in my square already.  But you can get creative and use different colours or even a different yarn than what you used in your square.  Something with a different finish or twist may add a unique edge to your piece.  You could even try a thicker yarn or a thinner one.

I usually go up a size of hook, just to give my edging a bit of space and so it won’t feel tight and pulling around the edge.  Today I will be using a 5.5mm hook

In addition to yarn and a hook, you’ll also need a pair of scissors and a darning needle for this project.

So,  gather your supplies, and let’s begin crafting our Twisted Single Crochet Edging.

twisted single crochet

Twisted Single Crochet Supplies

Skill Level:

Advanced Beginner

Tools and Supplies:

The Yarn used in this pattern is a Worsted Weight   #4
I use a variety of odds and ends with my granny squares

Hook:  5.50 mm  US 9 / I

Other Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle for darning in ends

twisted single crochet

More Information on Hooks Sizes, Yarn Weights and Crochet Language

Hook Sizes see the Craft Yarn Council’s Page Here

For Standard Yarn Weight Information See this Page

A Handy PDF from Annie’s on the difference between UK and US Crochet Terms

A Nice Explanation from LoveCraft’s on The UK and US differences

twisted single crochet

Twisted Single Crochet Instructions

Holding your piece Right Side Facing, join your yarn with a sl st in any corner.

Ch 1, and work your first regular single crochet.  I always start with a normal single crochet as it is easier to join into at the end of the round

Now we get started on our Twisted Single Crochet Stitch

Insert hook into next st and pull up a loop

You now have two loops on hook

At this point we will twist the hook, with these two loops on the hook.  If you are Right Handed you will want to rotate your hook counter clockwise, meaning move the handle part up and away from you from right to left.  Do a full 360 with the hook.

twisted single crochet

The two loops on the hook are now twisted, this is what you are looking for.

Now complete the single crochet stitch, by working yarn over and pull through both loops.

Your first Twisted Single Crochet is complete.

If you are a Left Handed Crocheter, you will want to twist your hook Clockwise instead.

twisted single crochet

Twisted Single Crochet Corners

When you have worked across one edge, you will want to turn a corner.

Work a Twisted Single Crochet into the corner space ( or stitch depending on your square pattern )

Chain 1 – this will ease you around the corner

Then work another Twisted Single Crochet into the same corner space or stitch as the first one.

Now you can proceed to work down the next side.

twisted single crochet

Completing the Twisted Single Crochet

Once you have worked your way around your square, join your yarn as you usually would in the first single crochet of the round.  This is why I find it to start with a regular single crochet, it is much easier to join into.

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This video tutorial will walk you through the Basics, step by step of the Twisted Single Crochet Stitch

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All shop patterns include a symbol chart version of the square as well as various colour way diagrams

Thanks for joining me and getting creative.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

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