Hey Gang, Jane here and I’m back today with another fun crochet tutorial, and this one has been on the much requested list.  We are going to do some joining of our granny squares using a method that I find to be one of the easiest ones I’ve tried yet.

I get alot of questions on how I join my crocheted squares together for my projects.  I use a variety of methods, depending on the desired finished look. But only recently did I try working with the Join as You Go method.  I liked this idea of crocheting my squares together as I worked them, and I still got a  seamless look, and alot less ends to work in.  

I have done a few tutorials on how I do my lacey joins.  In this method I join one square at a time to each other into long strips, then I join the strips together.  And this method definitely has it’s pros, but there are ends to work in at every juncture of the squares.

So I played around with the Join As You Go method and tried using my Lacey Join Stitch with this concept.  It took a little playing around with, but I found a method I REALLY LIKE

So now I’m hooked and now I’m going to share it with you.

If you would like the pattern for the Zippy Square, used in this tutorial, as a PDF, with Symbol Charts, Find it in my shop, HERE


I’m going to be using my little Zippy Square today to make a throw with this method, but it will work with any granny square. 

The edging of the squares for this particular tutorial will need to be my single crochet chain 1 or 2 edge. and I do have a tutorial on how to change up the edging on your square, Here.  

So if you have a bunch of crochet squares you have been putting off joining, because you hate sewing, then this is the tutorial you have been waiting for.

I will be using a white worsted weight yarn today.  It is the same yarn I used in my Zippy Square.  As well as a 5.5 mm crochet hook, which is the same hook I used to make the squares.  Other tools you will need are a pair of scissors and a darning needle to work in the odd end, but trust me this method does not have many at all.  

So gather your supplies and your pile of granny squares and let’s get started.


Join As You Go Tutorial Supplies

Skill Level:

Advanced Beginner

Tools and Supplies:

The Yarn used in this pattern is a Worsted Weight   #4 – Parchment was used to join the squares.

You asked what colours I used in this blanket.  I tend to just gather up lots of scraps and single balls and go with my intuition.  However, I did keep track of the yarns for this project, so below you will find a list of the ones I used.  Please note, some of these colours may no longer be available.

Yarn Brands & Colours Used in This Blanket

there are 14 total – Less than a ball of each colour
Parchment is used as Main colour

Bernat Premium
–  Parchment
–  Sage Mist

Bernat Super Value
–  Forest Green

Impeccable by Loops and Threads
–  Green Lagoon
–  Violet
–  Soft Taupe
–  Plum
–  Almond

Soft Classic by Loops and Threads
–  Mauve

Red Heart With Love
–  Light Grey
–  Dusty Grape

Red Heart Comfort
–  Grey

Pound of Love by Lion Brand
–  Thistle
–  Quartz

Other Supplies:

  • Hook:  5.50 mm  US 8 / H
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle for darning in ends


More Information on Hooks Sizes, Yarn Weights and Crochet Language

Hook Sizes see the Craft Yarn Council’s Page Here

For Standard Yarn Weight Information See this Page

A Handy PDF from Annie’s on the difference between UK and US Crochet Terms

A Nice Explanation from LoveCraft’s on The UK and US differences


ch – chain

st(s)– stitch(es)

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

yo– yarn over

rnd – round

beg – beginning

prev – previous

sp – space

sk – skip

rep – repeat

Cont – continue

Join As You Go Stitches:

Simple Edge Stitch:

Join your yarn in the first corner st or ch-sp, sc in same ch-sp, ( ch 1, sc in next ch-sp ) rep across to corner

Edge Stitch corners are worked ( sc, ch 2, sc ) into corner ch-sp

Lacey Join Stitch:

Starting in your Front Square, join your yarn in the first corner st or ch-sp, sc in same sp as join, ch 1, sc in corresponding corner on Back Square, ch 1, ( sc in next ch-sp on Front Square, ch 1, sc in next ch-sp on Back Square, ch 1 ) rep across to corner


Join As You Go –  Instructions

In this tutorial I am only going to work a small sample piece.  I will be joining 6 squares, 3 on the first row and 3 on the second. 

I will refer to the squares by number 1 thru 6.  

We will start in the top right corner and work around the edges of each square joining them to each other using the lacey crochet stitch. 

When you get to the end of the row, we will work back across the unworked edges to the right side.


Join As You Go –  Diagram

Let’s look at diagram above:

Row 1:  The First Row is an outer edge so is only worked once

  • We start in the upper right corner and work across square 1 using a Simple Edge Stitch
  • Crochet the Simple Edge Stitch down it’s left side
  • Join square 2 by working a Lacey Join Stitch, working back up to the top,
  • We start again now working across square 2 as we did for square 1
  • Continue this process for each square you add to this row
  • When we get to the last square you want to add, turn at the lower edge, and work a Simple Edge Stitch back across the entire bottom edge of our row. 

Row 2:  This Row will be the one you repeat for the rest of the blanket until you have added as many rows as you desire.

  • We start this row by joining square 4 to square 1 working a Lacey Join Stitch
  • Turn the corner and work a Simple Edge Stitch down the side of the new squares
  • Join square 4 to square 5 using the Lacey join up the next edge
  • Now repeat the process but now you are joining square 5 to square 2
  • Continue as established for each square you add to this row
  • Work a Simple Edge Stitch across the bottom edge of this row back to the side we started the row at.  

Repeat Row 2 until desired length.  Finish by working a Simple Edge Stitch up the unworked left edge of your piece back to where you first started.  Work a single crochet into the same space you joined in, ch 2 and sl st in first sc, fasten off.


Join As You Go – Intersection Close Up

Above you will find a close up of a completed join of four square

Follow the Instructional Step By Step Video Below for the exact process for the intersection of the squares.

If you would like the Zippy Square pattern as a PDF, with Symbol Charts, it is available over in my shop, HERE

This video tutorial will walk you through the Step By Step Process of the Join As You Go- Lacey Join Method.

Check out my Shop where I regularly release new patterns using all my squares. 

All shop patterns include a symbol chart version of the square as well as various colour way diagrams

Thanks for joining me and getting creative.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe