Join Crocheted Squares With An Easy Lace Stitch

Today we will be exploring another method on how to join crocheted squares.  In this technique, we’ll be using a single crochet stitch and a chain stitch to create a lacy, open effect between our crochet squares. This method is especially handy for projects where you want both sides to look good, as it makes the seam blend seamlessly into both the right and wrong sides of your work.

I like to try different ways to join my squares to give my finished projects unique looks. This method is one I use a lot because it gives the design an open and flexible feel, and it looks like a natural part of the piece when you use it with a single crochet and chain-2 border. Sometimes, it’s even hard to tell where the squares are joined. It works well for all sorts of things, from cozy blankets and comfy pillows to pretty shawls and stylish sweaters. I’ve used it successfully for all these projects.

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the essentials on how to join crocheted squares. However, for a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire process, I’ve included a detailed video tutorial below. Don’t forget to take a scroll down and hit play – it’s like crafting alongside me. Let’s dive in and make those squares come together seamlessly!

Join Crocheted Squares

Supplies I Am Using In The Tutorial

Tools and Supplies Used In Tutorial:

Yarn: Med weight size 4

Hook: 5.5mm

Other Supplies:


Yarn needle for sewing

More Information on Hooks Sizes, Yarn Weights and Crochet Language

Hook Sizes see the Craft Yarn Council’s Page Here

For Standard Yarn Weight Information See this Page

A Handy PDF from Annie’s on the difference between UK and US Crochet Terms

A Nice Explanation from LoveCraft’s on The UK and US differences

Join Crocheted Squares

Join Crocheted Squares

This join creates such a nice seamless join and gives your fabric a nice flexibility.  It is simply worked with Single Crochet and One Chain Stitch, back and forth between the two squares.

The square I am working on is my Summer Side Granny Square and has a border of a Sc and Ch 2 space all the way around.  I use this border alot on my squares as it has a nice finish and makes for an easy join using this method.

Join Crocheted Squares

Setting up to Join Crocheted Squares

To begin you will want your squares lying with Right Side facing up, lining them up along one edge.  Then you will pick them up like a sandwich with Wrong Sides facing.  This is how you will be holding them as you work across the joining edge.  You want the two squares to line up stitch for stitch.

I use my main colour to join, but you can use any of your colours you would like.  You will need enough for a full row of crochet.  In this case I measure I had a length 100″ long and that was just for this particular size of square.

Join Crocheted Squares

Starting the Lacey Join

  1. Starting in your Front Square, join your yarn in the first corner stitch or ch space
  2. Work a Single Crochet stitch in this same space
  3. Ch 1
  4. Now work a Single Crochet in the corresponding corner on the Back Square
  5. Ch 1
  6. Coming back to the Front Square and working into the next Ch-2 sp, work a Single Crochet

Repeat steps 3 – 6 across your edges.

Once you reach the opposite corner end you will be working steps 2-4 once more to finish off in the corner of the Back Square.

Fasten off your yarn.

Join Crocheted Squares

Finished Join

Now your two squares are joined, it is that simple.  If you pull them apart slightly you see they have a nice flexible nature and a lacey look.

For a project, I like to join my squares into strips and then I will join the strips together working the same way along the long edges of each strip.  I work one extra sc and ch stitch into the lacey join between each square to keep the tension even.

Join Crocheted Squares

Seamless and Reversible

This is a great Stitch for reversible projects as it gives a nice finish on both sides of your work.

Join Crocheted Squares

Works on Any Square

You don’t need to have a Single Crochet, Ch-2 Sp edging for this to work.  I have used it on regular solid border squares as well.  All you have to do is work into the edge sts and skip one edge st on each square as you work along.

Join Crocheted Squares

Perfect for Blankets

I love this method to join crocheted squares when I am working blankets.  It gives the blanket a nice soft flow to the squares and a beautiful extra touch as well.

Join Crocheted Squares

Beautiful Projects

This gives a nice effect on all kinds of projects.  Some of the projects where I use a lacey stitch in the design, you can’t even tell exactly where the squares are joined

Check out my Shop where I regularly release new patterns using all my squares.  All shop patterns include a symbol chart version of the square as well as various colour way diagrams

Join Crocheted Squares

Follow along and I will walk you through the Basics, step by step.

Watch The Lacey Stitch Join Tutorial

Thanks for joining me and getting creative.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

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