Wind a Center Pull Ball of Yarn – No Tools

What to do with a messy ball of yarn!  If you are like me, you probably have lots of half used balls of yarn cluttering up your creative space.  In this tutorial I will show you how to clean that messy up and get your yarn organized by winding them into center pull balls.   Best part is, no tools are required, just your own two hands.

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ball of yarn

This is a simple technique that once you learn the basics you will be wanting to wind all of your yarn.  It’s a very zen like practice, so it’s a great little activity to do relaxing, watching your fav tv show, or just listening to music.


ball of yarn


ball of yarn

Why Center Pull Ball of Yarn?

This is not a typical yarn ball that pulls from the outside and rolls around your floor and under furniture as you use it.  Sooooo frustrating, Right?!  These balls pull from the center so they stay right where you put them and as long as you don’t wind them too tight, they will feed your yarn to you smooth and even!  Great for keeping your guage consistent.

Looking for Something Fun To Make with Your Neat Yarn Balls?

Try This Fun Tote

This works for any size of ball, so you can have small little ones, or nice big yarn cakes.  As you practice you will become more consistent with your size and shape, but the yarn itself will have a factor in how the ball of yarn turns out.  As long as it pulls evenly from the center and holds together, that is the end goal.

ball of yarn

ball of yarn

The Keys to Success:

  • Stay Loose, no tugging or bunching, but not so loose it falls apart.
  • Wind at a 45 degree angle, rotating the ball around your thumb as you go
  • Go slowly at first to create a nice solid and consistent base, you will appreciate this as you start using your yarn ball.
  • Don’t give up, with practice you will find you will love this process and will be messing up your balls, just so you can wind them up again

Watch The Tutorial

Thanks for joining me and getting creative.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

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