Make A Swirly Mosaic Crochet Pattern ( With Free Chart )

If you love geometric pattern as much as I do, then you will love working this fun little square in Mosaic Crochet. 

There are only 3 sts to get down and then you will be on your way to making limitless patterns and designs in beautiful Mosaic Style.

Scroll Down for the Free Video Tutorial and Link to Download a PDF version of this chart

You know how much I like piecework and portable projects.  I love to make these squares and then join them together to make larger projects, or just give them a nice edging and use them as coasters, mug mats, and kitchen trivets.  Fun, quick and really not that hard, once you learn the basics.

In this tutorial I will walk you through making this beautiful and simple pattern I call Swirl.  I provide the chart below if you would like to print it out and follow along with me. 

mosaic crochet

In this tutorial I give you a quick overview of the method I use for Mosaic Crochet.  I do a slight twist on the regular Inset Mosaic Method. 

If you want to learn more or would like to have a thorough How To on just the method I use, Check out this tutorial HERE

mosaic crochet

More Information on Hooks Sizes, Yarn Weights and Crochet Language

Hook Sizes see the Craft Yarn Council’s Page Here

For Standard Yarn Weight Information See this Page

A Handy PDF from Annie’s on the difference between UK and US Crochet Terms

A Nice Explanation from LoveCraft’s on The UK and US differences

These squares are great stash busters as they do not need alot of yarn to make one.   In fact to make this one I used approx 10g of yarn of each colour.  If you have a yarn stash then these squares will are a great way to use it up and create some awesome handmade house warming gifts.

mosaic crochet

Mosaic Crochet Basics

  • This Chart only has Right Side Rows listed.
  • All Wrong Side Rows are not marked on chart as they are ALL worked in sc with the same colour as row before
  • Colours are carried up the side and only changed at beginning of Right Side Rows

mosaic crochet

This is just a method I use and find works well for me.  Regular Inset creates just as beautiful a piece and has it’s benefits as well.  But here is a quick overview of how and why I do it a little differently.

I will leave it to you to decide what works best for you, it is always great to have options!

If you prefer the regular inset method, this chart will work fine.  Just replace the single crochet back loop only with a chain stitch and remember to chain stitch over that space on Wrong Side Row. 

How is this different from Traditional Inset Method?

  • Regular Inset Method uses chain stitches on both Right Side and Wrong Side to make space for the Double Crochet to work over.  I use a Single Crochet Back Loop Only on Right Side and a regular old single crochet on the Wrong Side instead.
  • I work all other single crochet on Right Side rows into both loops as a regular single crochet stitch.
  • Wrong Side Rows are ALWAYS straight single crochet.  I love not having to refer to the chart every second row.
  • Double Crochet stitches are worked into the waiting Front Loop of Stitch 2 rows below.  This does make the fabric feel slightly bulkier with single crochet stitches sitting under it, but I like the trade off of a more solid piece.
  • I like that this eliminates the chain pieces strung across the back of the work.  I always got me fingers stuck in these!

Symbol Chart

Get the FREE Mosaic Swirl Square Printable Chart Here

Special Stitches

Single Crochet in Back Loop Only

Work a single crochet into the back loop only of the working stitch

Double Crochet in Front Loop Only – two rows below

Work a double crochet into the front loop only of the stitch sitting two rows below current working row. Always skip the stitch on the current working row, lying behind the dcfl just made

mosaic crochet

Watch The Tutorial

Thanks for joining me and getting creative.

Try something new everyday and life will open new doors for you.

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